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About Us

Unified Home was founded in April of 2007 by Mike Granja.  Mike started in the electronics field in 1990, selling and installing car audio systems. His attention to detail and well-trained ear won him awards in the car audio circuit, as well as a judge’s certificate. Mike carried this diligence into his work in home audio and video, which became his passion.

Unified Home is a systems integration company.  They specialize in bringing together various subsystems like security and surveillance systems, intercoms, networking, audio/video and energy saving technologies like power monitoring, lighting control, HVAC control, and motorized window treatments into a “unified” functioning system that is also easier to use.  Unified Home provides professional consultation, product sales and installation in new construction, as well as renovations.

They work closely with their clients from before beginning, until after completion of their home project.  Unified Home sells and installs all of the products necessary for all of the systems listed above.  Part of what makes Unified Home unique is the large variety of products they supply, and the benefit that comes with having only one service provider to look after them all, for their client and the home builder.  This drastically reduces the risk of miscommunication on a large project.

Keeping clients happy involves keeping the home builder and other trades on the project happy as well.  This is a goal that Unified Home has done very well to achieve.  They are proud of their ability to keep a personal business owner’s touch on every project. Personal service goes a long way!

Unified Home has progressively grown and earned an enviable reputation for their quality of workmanship – even being hired to re-design and complete projects that their competitors started, but lacked the knowledge to complete.

Their level of service and desire to build lasting relationships with their clients, as well as their continual education and research of new products and ways to better serve their clients, has made Unified Home an industry leader.